quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

A trip to the Mira de Aire Caves

Australian Shepherd
On the Carnival holiday we decided to spend it in a different way and we went for a walk with our Australian Shepherd, Angel.

My son makes a collection of Rocks and Minerals and already has some very beautiful and interesting rocks. I thought it would be an interesting and educational visit to go and see one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, the Grutas de Mira de Aire.

It had been many years since I was there, and certainly it is always stunning to see and review.

Australian Shepherd in Grutas de Mira de AireAustralian Shepherd in Grutas de Mira de Aire
Me and Gabriel at the entrance to the Caves with Angel because she can not go inside the caves.

Grutas de Mira de AireGrutas de Mira de Aire Grutas de Mira de AireGrutas de Mira de AireGrutas de Mira de AireGrutas de Mira de AireGrutas de Mira de Aire

A sample of how it is inside ...

Australian Shepherd in Fátima
Since we were so close we decided to go to visit Fatima and pay tribute to those who are no longer with us.

We found on the road a sign with Dinosaur Footprints and decided to go peek …

Australian Shepherd at Dinosaur Footprints in Serra de AiresAustralian Shepherd at Dinosaur Footprints in Serra de Aires

Where we learn that we were facing one of the biggest records of dinosaur footprints in the world. We were able to see several paths and lanes, and it is very clear where the footprints left by these beings are.

Australian Shepherd
At the end of a good trip completely educational!

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sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2011

In the Dinosaur Exhibit

It is amazing how kids love Dinosaurs (ok, I sound my mother about this) and that is why this weekend we went to see a so call "biggest Europe" exhibit about Dinosaurs.

australian shepherd in a dinosaur exhibit

In the Dinosaur Exhibit with my son and my Australian Shepherd !

australian shepherd in a dinosaur exhibit

australian shepherd in a dinosaur exhibit
australian shepherd in a dinosaur exhibit

It was nice, specially because it was a good excuse to go out in an cloudy holiday ... but I can say 10 things I would like to see better in this exhibit.

Any way, we saw the exhibit, play with our dog (yes there were nice green gardens to play with a ball) and went to Belem to eat some Pasteis de Belém.

So a nice day !

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terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

A trip to Palmela

Palmela castleOn this weekend, taking advantage, of the bad weather break, little blue sky and wormer weather, we went to take another trip in our country.

Since my son is learning the Portuguese history in school, were the Setúbal district represented an important part, I decided to take him to see in live one of the castles that had an important role in our history.

trip to Palmela with dogs

So, we went to visit the Castle of Palmela in the small village of Palmela that is located in the coasts of the Serra da Arrábida and from above Lisbon.

seeing Lisbon from above the Palmela castle

I have to admit that the will wasn’t huge, since the weekend had a bad start, but me and my son needed the break, and there is nothing like taking our four leg friends for a trip to lift the spirits and of course in the end we were very satisfied and happy with our decision to go ahead with our plans and go out.

trip to Palmela with dogs

Our 4 leg companions were two Australian Shepherd, that, like always, love the chance to be the envy of friends.

Palmela is a picturesque town with cobblestone streets that really takes us back to the time that what was so common to see on our lands and easily forgotten in the big cities.

Palmela castle

The castle is very well preserved and with a lot of signs explaining what we were seeing, and although we were forced to go on Sunday instead of Saturday how I had planned, we didn’t lost anything, since everything was accessible and open to visitors, including (to my great surprise) the tourist office located within the walls of the Castle.

trip to Palmela with australian shepherd

Even our canine companions had a chance to run in the castle gardens and had a stress relieve.

We have some mandatory points when we go to visit a new place, one is the local museum, other is the local church (since in many places is the most ancient building) and the local cuisine.

pastry Tradições

In addition to wine and muscatel, I was unaware of the sweets of Palmela and was the office of tourism that pointed out a local pastry that was focused on the traditional sweets

queijadas de palmela

On this pastry we taste three different queijadas de Palmela, a regional brad, and of course, the cheese of Azeitão, that my son just love. Also we bought a small dry sweet to give to our four leg companions.

queijo Azeitão

In the end we visit the Palmela church which is the first we've seen almost totally covered with tiles, which gives it an unusual clarity and lightness.

Palmela church

Palmela is for certain one more of our Portugal sites that will stay in our hearts and memories ;)

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segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

A trip to Aveiro

AveiroAveiro is one of those Portuguese cities you must visit ! Known for its Moliceiro, confectionery and characteristic architecture, leaves an imprint in our memories and hearts.
I remember having visited this city with my parents and perhaps because of the mark that left on my soul, I have tried to show it to other people that are close to me.
So, I organized a special trip with my son and I sincerely hope, like with me, I accomplish my purpose and left a mark he will remember and share in the future.

trip to Aveiro

On our trip we made several stops along the way because I am always delighted with the landscape that unfolds in front of us, when we go to the north of Portugal and is so different from South of our country. It is worth stopping, enjoying nature and walk to stretch your legs simply enjoying ;)

Parque Infante D. Pedro

When we arrived in Aveiro we immediately encounter the Parque Infante D. Pedro, a densely wooded area, with varied fauna and flora, and even a lake of reasonable dimensions, where a couple kindly gave some of his bread to Gabriel, and he enjoyed feeding ducks and fish. Inside the gazebo stands wrought iron of the early century, the Museum of Hunting and Fishing and a beautiful tile panel.
My four-legged friends loved this stop, where they had the first olfactory experience of the city of Aveiro.

australian shepherd in Aveiro

The Museum of Aveiro city, established in the former Convent of Jesus, women of the Dominican Order, was another point that we decided to visit. Here we found a vast collection of Baroque religious art, and we can visit and therefore get to know part of the convent and the nuns daily life. The Church of Jesus and the tomb of Princess Saint Joan is also in the Museum.

barrica de Ovos MolesThe food and sweets is still a battle between me and my son, because like all children, he is suspicious regardless of what is new and unknown.
But as I had explained to him, and he already had experience with the pastel de Belém, everything that identifies us as the Portuguese and is done in our land, we have to experience and have knowledge to say and talk to other people.
And after he read about the history of Ovos Moles and the Pão de Ló de Ovar, became convinced that he had to taste and he particularly like the Pão de Ló de Ovar and brought with him a barrel of Ovos Moles.

moliceiro de Aveiro
The Ria de Aveiro with its famous Moliceiro, which so delighted my son, is a famous icon of the city.

hotel aveiro palaceThe hotel where we were staying was the Palace Aveiro where we were well attended, well received and have opened their doors to animals, and was not surprised with our four-legged companions.
The room was excellent (in the words of my son "slept like a baby"), the shower is very good, and heavenly breakfast.
Therefore, a reference;)

australian shepherd in Aveiro

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quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2011

Dog Trekking to Guincho

Article about a Dog Trekking to Guincho

Dog Trekking to GuinchoOn this week-end we went to another dog trekking organized by the association Pé ante Pata. On this dog trekking I went, accompanied by Teco, my Australian Shepherd blue merle, and my sun, accompanied by Bianca, our Golden Retriever.

The scene was the wild and natural coast of Cascais, from Malveira da Serra to the beach of Guincho.

Dog Trekking to Guincho

The route was through nature, with the smell of the sea, surrounded by raspberries (that we eat ... well at least me, since my son didn't go along with that) and passing through villages, once typical, but now with large houses and mansions to behold and to invoke thoughts of euro millions.

Meeting in Malveira da Serra, a village located in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, which gives a beauty to this town, located in the proximity of the Atlantic.
Dog Trekking to Guincho
Dog Trekking to Guincho
Me, my sun, Teco, Australian Shepherd and Bianca, Golden Retriever

In the track on background we can see the Forte,
Dog Trekking to Guincho

Dog Trekking to Guincho
My sun and Bianca, Golden Retriever

Visit to Forte Velho do Guincho ou Forte das Velas which stands by the sea between the beach of Guincho and Abano.
Dog Trekking to Guincho

Pause to eat in a village at the foot of Malveira da Serra
Dog Trekking to Guincho
The group taking a break for eat

Dog Trekking to Guincho
The group taking a break to listen to explanations of the guides

Dog Trekking to Guincho
My son at the foot of the geodesic mark

Dog Trekking to Guincho
Walking ...

Another dog trekking successfully completed, with joy in the midst of friendly people and impeccable organization.

Dog Trekking to Guincho
The group

They left us mouth watering with the possible next trekking, that we hope to attend and discover more about our Portugal.

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quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Trip to Fluviário de Mora

Article about a trip to the Fluviário de Mora

In order to enjoy four days of rest and improve our knowledge and culture we decided to visit the Fluviário de Mora.
Since a long car journey was involved I decided to take Teco, Australian Shepherd, and Bianca, Golden Retriever, since their personalities are more fit to long trips in the middle of people in the city.

The city on the way is Montemor-O-Novo and the stop to visit the castle was mandatory. With great regret we found that all museums were closed due to be Monday, so those visits must be made in another time.

paustralian shepherd and golden retriever in Montemor-O-Novo castle

paustralian shepherd and golden retriever no Montemor-O-Novo castle

After this visit nothing like a stop in the fields of Alentejo for a pick-nick!

australian shepherd and golden retriever in Montemor-O-Novo
golden retriever in Montemor-O-Novo
australian shepherd in Montemor-O-Novo

My sun Gabriel, Teco, my Australian Shepherd, and Bianca, my Golden Retriever on the break for lunch

Ok! With full bellies, where for dessert we had strawberry and a chocolate crepe with ice cream bought in the city, we travel towards Mora.

On Mora arrival we follow the signs to the Fluviário de Mora.

As expected, the visit was very nice and educational, where the tanks highlights was the realism of the habits, healthy fish and clear waters.

Fluviário de Mora
Fluviário de Mora

A very rewarding and well spent day ;)

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